The Twin Series – Floor Sweeper

Twinner 650 Floor Sweeper

twin-1Floor SweeperThe newcomer model – with attractive sweeping performance!

The inexpensively-priced sweeper with the Tandem·Roller·System [T·R·S]:

With a height-adjustable floor sweeper roller and lateral brushes, plus space-saving folding hoop, step-climbing ability due to rear running wheels, a large dirt-collector, impact and weather-resistant plastic housing, …
With an outstanding price-performance ratio, this represents perfect access to the most efficient method of cleaning: Sweeping with TRS sweepers.


  • private premises,
  • small industrial companies,
  • interior and exterior areas up to 1000 m² in size

Twin Trix 650

twin-2The ideal combination

The Twin Trix has a modular structure. This is what allows a sweeping machine to become a real alternative to sweeping with a broom. Without dust collector and side broom, it serves as a “free floor sweeper” for sweeping up larger quantities of refuse, sand or leaves.

With side broom, the Twin Trix reaches down into the last corner and into every edge.

With side broom and dust collector, the Twin Trix collects the swept up dirt at once: ideal for sand, grit, pine needles and daily dirt.

Twinner 650/800 Series

Extraordinary Power

Thanks to the tandem-roller-system “TRS” from Stolzenberg, the Twinner works more effectively than standard single-roller systems. The two lateral brushes sweep refuse from corners and edges in front of the roller brushes. The latter pick up the dirt together and transport it to the dirt collector, filling it from the top on the basis of the overthrow principle. The overthrow principle fills the dirt-collector up to 75%. The Twinner reliably sweeps up all refuse, from paper lying flat on the ground to objects the size of beverage tins.

The Twinner is extraordinarily powerful. Typical areas of application are private households, workshops, filling stations, production facilities, parks, and paths…

Designed to be light, fast and maneuverable, the Twinner picks up metal shavings, nails, paper, leaves or beverage tins. On models with two lateral brushes, the large wheels, mounted at the back on ball bearings, always move in the swept area and enable the Twinner to climb steps. Corners and edges are no problem, and since the sweeping and lateral brushes can be adjusted in height the Twinner can be set for various terrains. When it is pulled backwards, the sweeping rollers and lateral brushes are raised, and after having finished using it the Twinner can be stored in very tiny places!