The TT Series – Industrial Sweeping Machines

TT 1500 AKM 150 D

tt-1Industrial Sweeping Machines – Setting New Benchmarks

Over 50 years of knowledge have been incorporated into the development of this machine, resulting in the latest state-of-the-art industrial sweeping machines. With the use of the highest-quality materials, drive components and motors, this suction sweeper is setting new bench-marks.The extremely high-performance mechanisation can be run using your choice of electrical, diesel, petrol or gas-driven engine combined with extremely long runtimes between tank filling/battery charging. Furthermore the machine features a dirt collector of over 200 litres that can be hydraulically emptied up to a height of 150 cm.

The Ideal Combination

The horizontally positioned lamellar filter with 8m² filter surface area guarantees particularly efficient cleaning. Perfectly formed: An extremely stable and robust steel frame with impact-resistant plastic panelling (rotation-moulded). Unrivalled sweeping performance: The largest twin roller sweeping machine from Stolzenberg. Exceptional negotiation of gradients by the propelling drive to both rear wheels.The TT 1500 is, of course, available in different options and is custom-equipped to suit your specific application.

Exceptionally smooth:The fully hydraulic drive for sweeping rollers, side brushes, propelling drive and high dumping offers particularly powerful and low-noise characteristics. The machine features high-performance suction with 2 turbines each with a capacity of 900 m3 per hour.

TT / E 1300

tt-2TRS inside a powerpack: for perfect results

The TT 1300-range by Stolzenberg combines the Tandem Rolle rSystem (TRS) for unsurpassed sweeping performance with an especially robust, high performance platform of a professional sweeping-suction machine for particularly reliable application under the most difficult conditions. The two contra-rotating roller brushes safely absorb fine dust as well as objects up to the size of 1 liter bottles: they pick up the refuse and throw it, upside down, into the dirt collector in the rear, which is filled by up to 90% in that manner. Nothing remains lying on the floor!

With 80 centimeter main sweeping roll (350 mm diameter) the TT 1300 can handle even problem refuse like stones, bottles but also large quantities of fine dust, which is reliably collected in the 6 square meter, horizontally located lamellae filter.

No annoying coarse dirt flap, no pre-sweeping or manual picking up of larger waste material: with one maneuver, the surface can be cleaned reliably and thoroughly. The large, rotational moulded parts assist in keeping the machine handy and flexible, and allow access for service, charge and fuel filling processes within a few seconds.

TT/E 1100

tt-3Suction Industrial sweeping machines in its highest form and with added comfort

The Twin Top is Stolzenberg’s flexible ride-on industrial sweeping machines with particularly high sweeping performance. The machine is extremely robust, thanks to a stable basic frame made from powder-coated steel and impact-resistant trim panel. The compact construction enables an unimpeded view around the chassis and of the swinging lateral brushes, which automatically avoid obstacles.In addition to optimum sweeping performance, the Twin Top also offers added ease-of-use. All control elements are clearly arranged for ergonomic operation.The particularly small turning circle of approx. 1m enables precise manoeuvring, even in tight spaces.

For all areas in which a ride-on suction-sweeper is intended to bring not only comfort, but also high-performance, into everyday use…

All of the advantages of a new, well thought-out design come to full fruition in this case:

  • Load-bearing parts are designed as powder-coated, robust steel constructions.
  • Extremely impact-resistant polyethylene panelling (rotation-moulded).
  • Unimpeded view of the side brushes and all around the chassis.
  • Maximum operating comfort.
  • Extremely simple technical access.
  • Low-maintenance technology due to the absence of belt drives.
  • Especially small turning circle.
  • Pivoting side brush independently moves to avoid obstacles.
  • Tool-free roller and filter replacement.
  • 1 or 2 side brushes as desired.
  • Front flap is dispensed with resulting in: a clear run even over larger items of refuse.
  • Dust extraction with 900 m³/h air volume in 4 m² dust filter.
  • Especially large, stable and nevertheless light dirt-collector.

TT /E 1000

tt-5The power pack »Made in Germany«Perfect Combination

Consistent expansion and development of the large sweeping & suction machine product line from Stolzenberg brought along the series Tandem KS 1000; with its particularly sturdy and robust design it is ideal for daily application under most difficult conditions. Unmatched performance in the hand-guided product line makes this machine series an indispensable work device in all areas, where a maximum of performance is needed: the industries, the service sector, municipal applications, and more. The particularly powerful dust suction, yielding a volume of more than 600 m² of air per hour by means of a dust filter of 3 m² – combined with the ingenious tandem-roller-system makes the Tandem KS 1000 a machine ideal for removal of fine and coarse refuse for pros – quick, thorough and easy.

The mechanical filter shaker

The mechanical filter cleaning mechanism newly developed by Stolzenberg cleans even deep rib areas reliably and removes up to 45% more dust from the filter ribs than standard cleaning mechanisms.

The “TRS System”

tt-5The Tandem-Roller-System “TRS”

From Stolzenberg in combination with a powerful suction turbine provides a particularly thorough removal of dirt and fine dust in a single operation. The lateral bushes sweep the refuse in front of the brushrollers. The latter pick up the dirt together and transport it according to the overthrow principle into the dirt collector, which can be filled up to 75% of capacity. The dust removal system reliably traps the fine dust from the refuse in the large filter of the machine.

The unbeatable advantages

  • the TRS system from Stolzenberg
  • sturdy powder-coated welded-laser design of the frame combined with impact-proof, rotational moulded polyehtylene trim panels
  • Especially large dust container and filter
  • Quick-to-change mechanism for rollers and lateral brushes
  • Standard: 2 lateral brushes
  • Extremely easy technical access
  • Differential drive of both rear wheels
  • And much more


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